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Formwork plywoods and boards

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Sklejka szalunkowa topolowa 1

Formwork poplar plywood

The most popular product for shuttering skin because of the price. The surface of the formwork plywood is covered with black or brown phenolic film. The plywood’s edges are additionaly protected by acrylic paint which prevents the moisture penetration.

Sizes: 21x1250x2500 mm
Thickness: 21mm

Sklejka szalunkowa brzozowa 1

Formwork birch plywood

High-quality birch plywood.

The outer protective coating is hot applied with high pressure. The base of the coating is the layer of paper saturated by phenolic resin.
Much more higher numbers of shifts on the ceiling than with the poplar plywood.

Sizes: 1250x2500 or 1500x3000 mm
Thickness: 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 mm

Other sizes of the plywood on request.

Plyta trojwarstwowa swierkowa 1

Three-layer spruce board

Three-layer formwork spruce boards are produced from selected wood. They are consist of three layers of arranged and cross-glued wood. The outer surface of the board is grinded and hot secured by melamine resin. The smooth surfaces guarantee perfect concrete look after stripping.

Thickness [mm]
21 27 21 (crimping pattern)

Dimension (length x width) mm

1500 x 500 1000 x 500 1500 x 500

Dimension (length x width) mm

2000 x 500 1500 x 500 2000 x 500

Dimension (length x width) mm

 2500 x 500  2000 x 500  2500 x 500

Dimension (length x width) mm

 3000 x 500  2500 x 500  3000 x 500


Plyta osb 1

OSB-3 board

OSB-3 board is a wood-based building board produced according to EN 300 for using in moisture conditions.

It is characterized by good strength properties, impact resistance, very good thermal and sound insulation, dimensional stability.

Sizes: 1250x2500 mm
Thickness: 6, 8, 12, 15, 22, 25, 30 mm

Other sizes of the board on request.