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Ceiling formwork systems

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Podpora ocynkowana 20 KN 1

Podpora ocynkowana 20 KN 2

Galvanized props 20kN

  • External thread
  • High quality
  • Sizes plus bearing capacity

Podpora malowana 10 KN 2

Podpora malowana 10 KN 3

Steel props 10 KN

  • Smooth control with the swivel fitting and a clamp.
  • High quality.
  • Sizes: 160/290, 200/360, 220/400, 250/440, 320/500
  • Sizes and bearing capacity

Dzwigar H20 1

Dzwigar H20 2

Dzwigar H20 3

Dzwigar H20 4

H20 formwork girder

  • They are made of high quality selected Wood.
  • The web guarantees the high burden and durability because it is made of three-layer cross-glued wood.
  • Plastic cover guarantees high durability and protects from mechanical damages.
  • The surface of the grider is protected by the waterproof layer which guarantees high durability.
  • Light weight
  • Easy clearing
  • Available lengths: 1,50,1,90m; 2,45m; 2,65m; 2,90m; 3,30m; 3,60m; 3,90m; 4,50m; 4,90m; 5,90m

Trojnoga ocynkowana 1

Galvanized tripods

The formwork tripod allows for stable assembly of the ceiling formwork. Galvanized steel immunizes it against weather conditions and the foldable construction saves space during transportation.

glowica ocynkowana 1

Galvanized heads

It is the support for longitudinal girders and keeps them in a vertical position. The distance between the pins in the head enables to safely arrange one or two girders.